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Traditional vs Digital Billboard: Which one to choose?


As a business owner, do you have the same question in your mind? Don’t Worry. You have landed at a right place. Spending money on online channels is common trend found in many advertisers. But the question remains same, either they are going a right way or not? 

Which one is better: Mobile advertising OR traditional advertising?

The answer to the question is still confusing. If we talk about which is best? The answer is:
“It depends”

Both are beneficial in different perspectives. Billboard advertising is beneficial to create brand awareness within local areas. On the contrary, digital billboards are best to grab people’s attention through moving images, outstanding colors and lights.

Mobile advertising is considered 30% more effective than traditional billboards.

  • Mobile advertising is considered 30% more effective than traditional billboards.
  • Truck advertisement is cost-effective than a Billboard. Isn’t it good idea to make your advertisement or message more noticeable at competitive rates? Of course it is! So, don’t miss the chance to target large audience.
  • People recall mobile billboards adds 97% more times then the adds they see online on their smart phones.

We find many business owners in difficulty of choosing right marketing strategy for their business. The answer is simple. Think well and choose the most suitable advertising according to your goals and needs. Also, don’t confuse yourself by seeing a wide array of choices for advertising. Make a right choice and get high impact by grabbing people’s attention. Flexibility, cost reduction, durability, easy maintenance and dynamic targeting are the factors to consider before choosing any advertising company and we are going to point out a company with all these features. Let’s see what it is!

Final thought: Traditional vs Digital Billboard? Make your choice!

Every advertising way is beneficial in different perspectives. Are not you in the search of the platform that is an extra addition to your advertising portfolio? InMotion Media Group is best to choose regarding this. We suggest you to be clear in your abilities and goals and then choose a right advertisement according to your budget. We are here to provide you the best solution for your advertisement. Keep in mind! Don’t focus on only using fancy technology. Instead, your ultimate goal of choosing advertisement method is to grow your business and earn money.

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