Size matters—truck size that is.


A national fleet of 15,000+ trucks ready to deploy brands into select specific markets to target your audience.

We place your ads on our fleet of trucks delivering a more impactful and memorable message to consumers. Our InMotion trucks penetrate markets with restricted or limited outdoor advertising, as well as in saturated markets.


0 Ft


Best for big brands who want to dominate markets

Massive exposure on high-trafficked freeways
Higher impressions with lowest CPM
Truck can be seen from both sides of the freeway
Avg 4,000,000 impressions and 5,000 miles driven per truck per month
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0 FT

Box Truck

Best for brands that want to target hyper-local markets

Reach nationwide communities & markets
Exposure in city streets in high-trafficked routes
Branded ad on 4 sides (Front, Back, & both sides)
Averages 2.5M impressions and 260 monthly drivetime hours (65hrs/week)
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LED Truck

Best for exposure on short-term targeted events

Sporting events, store openings, political campaigns, premieres, etc.
LED trucks have video & sound to interact
Quick turnaround of your ad campaign
Even better exposure at night
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Watch Our Brands & Influencers in Action

Mobile billboards are twice as memorable as static billboards, they also boost name recognition 15 times greater than any other form of advertisement.

Full specs of our trucks

What's the difference between trucks?

Key Features
Brandable Ad Size
Sides: 53ft x 8ft Rear: 8ft x 8ft
Sides: 26ft x 8ft Rear: 8ft x 8ft Front: 7ft x 3ft
Sides: 11’2 x 6’3 Back: 6’3 x 6’3
Campaign Duration Minimum
3 Months
30 days
3 Days
No. of Trucks Minimum to Start
5+ Trucks
5+ Trucks
1 Trucks
GPS Tracking & Timelapse
Impressions Engagement
Retargeting Online ads
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Answers to Commonly Asked Mobile Billboard Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What markets do you operate in?
We're in all 50 states, including Hawaii. Want to get more granular? Contact our team to get more info.
How long does it take to start a campaign?
Once creative is approved, we can print and install the first truck within 72hrs. For a typical 20 truck campaign we can be up & running within 2-3 weeks.
What times do the mobile trucks drive around?
Trucks drive up to 6 days per week and typical hours are 7am-7pm.
How long do campaigns last?
Our campaigns range from 3-12 months with a 5-truck minimum.
How much does it cost?
Every campaign is different and costs vary depending on the market, season, truck size, number of trucks, and length of advertising campaign. Our team will guide you through our package options and selecting the perfect package to fit your goals.
Can you design my mobile billboard for me?
Yes, we have a design team. A discovery call is needed and some time to establish creatives.

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