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Mobile advertising vs static/traditional advertising. Which is the winner?


Most of our customers ask the difference between static and dynamic ads. What is the difference between the two? How mobile advertising and truck advertising varies? Either they are superior in higher conversion rates or provide better click through rate. Well; We have made this blog for answering all your questions.

Static ads or unchaining images is comparatively old way of advertisement as it has been introduced since the beginning.

First of all, let’s briefly describe both of them.

Static ads

Static ads or unchaining images is comparatively old way of advertisement as it has been introduced since the beginning of amun advertising. In static ads, images don’t move.

Dynamic ads

Dynamic ads, on the other hand, is the source of richer experience in this digital world. It includes different product images and motion.

Keep on Scrolling to know, how both of them are beneficial:

Benefits of static ads:

  • Most of the networks accept static ads
  • These ads are easy to produce
  • The marketers, who are resource constrained, such ads are beneficial for them

But these ads also have some limitations, let’s see what these are:

  • These lacks personalization
  • Business owner are unable to get rich experience

Benefits of dynamic ads:

  • These ads are highly personalized
  • Every information about the product, link of the product field is available for dynamic criteria such as product display and price, etc
  • Its conversion rate is high

The point to think is that, doesn’t it has some drawbacks? Of course! It is not possible. Its drawbacks include:

  • These require ongoing maintenance
  • These ads are hard to create

If we sum up all these terms, we can’t decide which is the winner. Remember! Both can be used for different purposes. If your sites doesn’t contain enough products and your main focus is to create general site-wide promo, static ads can work perfectly for this.


But if you are having technical expertise and to maintain the product feed is the ultimate goal, we suggest using dynamic ads.

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