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Billboards are synonymous with marketing. You see them almost everywhere with varying sizes and designs. But what goes into making a billboard? At its core, billboards are about design and most consideration to be made fall along that line. There is also the question of the target audience, without whom the need for the billboard does not exist. With that, let’s explore the steps to take when creating a billboard.

Type of Billboard

The traditional billboards are a staple. However, their static nature and relatively high placement may not yield the best return for your marketing strategy. Practically speaking, mobile billboards offer you versatility in the delivery of your message. A sibling of traditional billboards when it comes to OOH, truck advertising can potentially reach more people with a long-lasting impression.

Color and Images

The color must pop and the images must grab attention. These must be bold and identifiable with your brand. Bright colors are engaging and are more likely to have large audiences fixated on your billboard. Combined with mobile advertising, your bold billboard is bound to grab all the attention on the busy roads.

Text and CTA

With Out of Home advertising, it is important to make sure that the text is legible at various angles, distances, and times of the day. This is usually a source of headache when thinking about billboard placement. Once the audience’s attention is on your billboard, your slogan or message is an important conversion tool. The words should be chosen carefully. Again, a mobile billboard would eliminate the placement headache, bringing your message right to the audience.


Location is everything for billboards. Having the best design and slogan means nothing if there is no one to see it. OOH advertising provides several ways to determine location, with the most efficient being mobile advertising. Having your billboard at multiple locations within a period ensures maximum viewership.


Your billboard should be visible. Mobile advertising offers variety as far as billboard size is concerned. Unlike using vehicles like vans and taxis, truck advertising offers you all the real estate you need to deliver your message as you please.

Great Billboards InMotion

At InMotion Media Group, we provide our 53ft trucks as a canvas for your perfect billboards. With strategic routes, we ensure that your billboard has the attention of thousands, with a long-lasting impression.

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