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Did you know 15 hours per week is the average time people spend in their car
Increase your brand visibility with InMotion's Out-Of-Home advertising.
Did you know 82% of consumers notice out-of-house media while driving
Did you know 96% of viewers say mobile billboards have more impact than static billboards
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To accelerate the inclusion of mobile billboards in all marketing plans.


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We started in 2018 with the primary purpose to help brands with their Out-Of-Home marketing campaigns.

Decades of combined experience buying OOH exposed us to several pain points in the industry. Traditional billboard inventory is limited, it is one-sided, it is stationary, it is expensive, and it is restricted by city ordinances and reduced to locations allowed for billboards.

Our goal with our fleet of 53ft trucks was to drive costs down for advertising primarily on freeways while at the same time increasing the number of impressions and exposure to the audience. In 2020, we introduced 26ft trucks to advertise primarily on the streets as well as 11ft LED trucks to add sounds and movement to our ads.

Our Team

InMotion's team has combined years of experience and dedication in providing creative and expert solutions to help brands with our mobile billboard advertising campaigns.

Chava Mercado


Chava Mercado brings an entrepreneurial spirit matched with years of experience in Marketing and Advertising, currently acting as CEO of InMotion Media Group since 2018. He has worked on both the agency and brand side, working with Fortune 500 brands such as Nintendo, PepsiCo, DirecTV, MillerCoors, and Essentia Water, where he worked as Regional Marketing Manager prior to the company being sold to Nestle.

On the personal side, Chava Mercado is an adventure seeker. He’s joined the 1% of population as a “Firewalker”, and has reached the summit of both Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Elbrus, the highest peaks in both Africa and Europe respectively. He lives in Las Vegas with his fiance and his pug named Pablo Escobark.

Juan Carlos Zavala


Juan Carlos (JC) strong aptitude for reading and understating the outdoor advertising industry he serves in. It starts with his strong sense of listening, his ability to listen and understand his clients' needs, ideas, and marketing goals proves that he is willing to do what it takes to provide outstanding results. He has worked for brands such as PepsiCo, Coors Light, Spartan Race, MAC Cosmetics, LA Kings, Essentia Water, and Blue Moon just to name a few.

On the personal side, JC loves photography, cinematography and . He’s recently became a father and enjoys the outdoors with his wife and baby.



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Lorena Cano




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Our InMotion trucks penetrate markets with restricted or limited outdoor advertising and so and forth. We place your ads on mobile trucks delivering a more impactful and memorable message to consumers.